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Job Drive HR Consultants is HR Consulting Group offering Innovative solutions in the area of individual and institutional development. Conceived in the year 2012 with the primary goal of offering solutions and unleashing the potential within through self discovery; the team compromises of experts from industry and academia.


Job Drive HR Consultants is premier talent management consultancy firm. The firm was 
established in the year 2012. Since then the unit has grown manifold and is ranked among the best across various services and functions.

We work closely to understand your requirement and culture fit to give you best suitable human capital ensuring quality workplace. We go in depth in screening and accessing the candidate best fit for the organisation.   



The team at Job Drive HR Consultants compromises multi disciplinary qualified professionals from the industry having varied experience in the field of Human Recourse, Counselling, Psychology, Consulting and Training, The team works on the sole purpose of delivering services with the objective of integrating various people processes for HR optimization bringing efficiency for the organization. We partner and engage subject matter exports from the industry delivering high value and promise to bring in effectiveness to organisations through our service offerings.

Today, linking of human resources with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and develop organisational culture that foster flexibility and competitive advantage has become a need of an hour. We understand the importance of aligning the HR processes with strategic ambitions.

We support to determine new processes based on your business requirements by measuring scope of improvement between current processes and desired processes. Our service primarily focuses on process improvement and assists the HR team with development and better management of their HR workforce. We implement systems which improve the performance of various competencies required for a growth of the organisation.




Organisations are in a constant effort to indentify, attract and select individual who will align wuth the businesses strategic requirements. There is a need for resources who will integrate smoothly and productively into the organisation and its culture, to meet its current and future employment requirement needs.

Job Drive HR works closely to understand your requirements and cultures fit to give you best suitable human capital ensuring quality workforce. Job Drive HR has gone in depth in screening and accessing the candidates best fit for the organisation. We also provide on/off site support to manage interviews, background checks, maintain internal and industry parity in salary negotiations and make final offers to best talent in the market.