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Organisation is in constant effort to indentify, attract and select individuals who will align the businesses strategic requirements. There is a need for resources who will integrate smoothly and productively into the organisation and its culture, to meet its current and future employment needs.

Job Drive HR work closely to understand your requirements and culture fit to give you best suitable human capital ensuring quality workforce. We go in depth in screening and accessing the candidates best fit for the organisation. We also provide on/off side support to manage Interview, Background Checks, Maintain internal and Industry parity in Salary negotiations and make final offers to best talent in the market.



We believe that the first correct step is half the job done. Sourcing and matching candidates as per the job descriptions enables getting right candidate that suit the job requirements. Candidate evaluation is a process undertaken before engaging with the client to filter out misfits out of the identified resources. We use internal repository of candidates that has been created over years of candidates apart from Portals and direct application through website.



Our evaluation allows clients to get profiles of filtered candidates which match the skill-set; abilities required in employees of the organisation. Our consultants perform a thorough screening of potential candidates through interviews assuring that the basic pre-requisite for the job are met and not compromised upon. Check through attitudinal question based on the required competencies on the job is performed ensure that individuals with the apt behaviour and culture fit steps into the organisation.  



Having efficient process administered conveys an excellent message about the organisation work principles and professionalism. Interview Management services encompasses full administration of the Interview process as defined by the organisation. It involves activities beginning from sourcing of profile, screening as per guidelines set, use of assessment tools if any, conducting interviews for short listing and final discussion with the functional head. The emphasis in the evaluation process revolves around indentifying candidates as per the JD attitudinal skills so as to get the right fit for the open position.    



Organisations today take lot of effort in finding the best for the job. Having full information about candidate’s credentials and its authenticity is of prime importance. Background Reference check plays an integral part in the Recruitment Process, involving verification of information provided by the candidate about her/his candidature and information shared during the process. Job Drive HR performs a detailed background check by validating information about the candidate and getting feedback from the professional references shared by the candidate.



In today’s competitive market, cost optimisation is one of the main Strategies of most organisations. Compensation Negotiation plays vital role in the recruitment process with the main objective being boarding the best available talent at optimum cost. Job Drive HR understands and evaluates candidate’s expectations with industry and/or organisation bands comparing with internal parity in terms of the compensation structures already existing in the organisation.